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Yaniv has worked in various roles in productions for The Greater Philadelphia Film Office, Sundance Channel, Travel Channel and SpikeTV.  He now teaches Film and Mass Communication at Boston University, Montgomery County Community College, The School District of Philadelphia and works as a Lead Teacher for PBS affiliate WHYY's Media Lab program in Philadelphia.

​He is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, most recently winning Best Director at the American International Film Festival in 2011 for The Drowned Hogs and is a 2016/17 Stanford University Hollyhock Fellow.

​Scott has worked in the paranormal field for twenty years and is co-host of Haunted Destinations, a paranormal reality-TV show where he is the lead scientific investigator.  Scott also teaches classes on the paranormal and hosts The Fearless Ghost Hunter Show on Paramania Radio.

Scott is the Pennsylvania affiliate for PRSNE, the investigation group founded by John Zaffis of the SyFy Channel.  He has been a guest of numerous radio shows speaking about his views on the paranormal and his approaches to working on cases.

Scott's extensive knowledge and network of people within the paranormal community makes him the perfect consultant on your next paranormal project.

Yaniv Aronson


Scott Morrow

Award Winning Film!

The Drowned Hogs